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Amiri Clothing – Luxury Fashion House

In During the winter, hoodies are more than just practical clothing. It elevates comfort into a fashion statement through its combination of style and comfort. As a wardrobe staple, our hoodies provided warmth. We offer clothing that seamlessly combines practicality with fashion trends. In winter, hoodies are so appealing because of their casual chic appeal. Amiri  Clothing offers a wide variety of hoodies that seamlessly transition from streetwear to high fashion. Aside from providing comfort and casualness, the hood itself adds an urban feel. The store offers the latest collection of clothing such as hoodies and t-shirts. Our hoodies come in a variety of colors or designs and graphics. A hoodie is an excellent way to express a person personality and interests to a brand. During the cold winter, Amiri  clothing can be worn in a variety of ways. From minimalist designs to bold logos and vibrant patterns. 

Who Owns the Amiri Brand?

By fusing rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia with streetwear, Mike Amiriri has grown his namesake label into a luxury brand with an international distribution, sales of over $40 million, and an investment from Renzo Rosso’s OTB. Born in Los Angeles, Amiriri began his fashion career handcrafting stage pieces for iconic hard rockers like Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. This rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic led him to design a capsule collection for LA-concept store Maxfield in 2014, launching his eponymous luxury fashion line. Californian culture and streetwear form the basis of Amiriri’s aesthetic, a blend of Californian culture and streetwear influenced by his upbringing in Hollywood. 

How did Amiri Get Popular?

To make real clothes for real people, his vision was to make luxury fashion accessible to everyone. He is a legend because of his humbleness and genuine approach to fashion. Two years were all it took for the brand to become established.His first collection was based on vintage items and featured embellished jeans, sweatshirts and T-shirts holed by shotgun fire. Amiriri specializes in distressed jeans. Using Italian, Japanese, and French fabrics, Amiriri’s collections are created in the LA Arts District, where ready-to-wear is produced. He is taking the brand to new heights by opening a store near Loewe and Saint Laurent in December 2021.

Amiri Launches Menswear In Growing Trends

During A/W 2019, Amiri launched its first full-fledged womenswear collection, which emphasizes accessibility. With a hint of Left Bank flair, the collection offers classic, streetwear-subverting staples that were showcased at the brand’s runway show in January. Consider timeless outerwear like voluminous pea coats and double-breasted blazers with floral prints and seductive vinyl. According to Brand, men asked her not to launch womenswear. “They want to protect Amiri!” she jokes. Fans of its menswear line need not worry. Amiri’s womenswear is characterized by an androgynous aesthetic, designed for women who prefer an oversized fit, suiting fabrics, and feel most comfortable wearing their boyfriend’s shirts or jumpers.

When does the Amiri logo Comes?

As Branded with an iconic logo, Iconic stands for style, quality, and reliability. Logos only represent a brand’s identity, not its essence. The logo has become a symbol of trust and forward-looking thinking over the years. As a result, this versatile piece blends seamlessly into many styles and trends, ensuring that it is durable. An emblem of a way of life, the Amiri  Logo has successfully woven itself into the fabric of modern lifestyles. Adaptable hoods keep wind and rain out by fitting the head of the wearer. As well as looking awesome on the front with the logo. Added warmth and comfort are provided by kangaroo pockets. Wear this clothing if you want to look fashionable and comfortable. 

Is Warm Fabric Used Clothing?

Hoodies made of soft fabrics provide luxurious and comfortable wear for casual occasions. A gentle touch is provided by cotton’s breathability and softness. Polyamide blends further enhance the overall comfort of Amiri hoodies. To keep our clothing warm, we use cotton and polyester. It is extremely comfortable and provides insulation to wear fleece-lined hoodies in cold weather. Innovating fabrics has allowed fine, smooth textures and even softer touches to be achieved. Soft-fabric hoodies are a great choice for warmth and comfort. 

Why Mike Amiri Collaborate With Popular Brands?

  • Browns x Amiri


LUXURY retailer Browns and LA-based brand AMIRI collaborate for an immersive store takeover that celebrates fashion, music, and community. As the director Mike Amiri walked into DJ Premier’s studio, he met the hip hop producer. Their mutual love of music led them to exchange ideas and tracks, and this became Amiri’s springboard for this collaboration. AMIRI’s Browns x AMIRI collection features 22 pieces, including a pair of Red Skel Top Low sneakers. This collection echoes a sense of nostalgia with its Red Plaid-Check shirt and Falling Records shirt, both of which evoke a sense of ’50s Americana.

  • Amiri’s Collab With Mr Porter

Amiri has been its truest authentic self since its 2014 launch. In this LA, it was the rowdy downtown kind, away from the “I know, rights” of the Hills and Hollywood’s bright lights. Amiri’s denim is on a power rip, and Hawaiian shirts are on acid. Among the once criminally forgotten streetwear from the City of Angels is more than a dash of Axl Rose. Justin Bieber, Future, and Bella Hadid are Premier League footballers. Amiri and Esquire have collaborated for the first time under the banner of ‘Palm Trees and a Cool Breeze’. In the 31-piece collection for the American-Iranian designer, the battered studded shoes are appropriate for his ‘punk surfer’ persona.

  • A Love Movement x Amiri

MIRI collaborated with independent LA brand, A Love Movement, to create a special SS21 capsule collection based on artisanal craft and DIY deconstruction. Featuring a range of luxury jersey pieces, the capsule promotes a spirit of optimism and wellbeing reminiscent of West Coast sensibilities. A Love Movement’s synonymous messages of positivity are featured on a range of luxury jersey pieces cut in AMIRI’s signature silhouettes, including “All Love,” “Healthy Body Healthy Mind,” and “Take It Easy Baby.” In addition to smiling bears and cheeky faces, the messages are read across sweatshirts, tees, and sweatpants. 

New Amiri Fashion Capsule Collection 2024

Amiri Hoodie

A It’s all about comfort and style in a hoodie, the epitome of casual comfort. Designed for the versatility of winter. This wardrobe essentially transcends seasons. It effortlessly adapts to various occasions. Warmth is provided by its soft fleece interior. The perfect choice for chilly nights out or brisk outdoor adventures. Featuring a drawstring hood, it adds a touch of urban flair. Coziness and anonymity are our hallmarks. Individuals can create a signature look with the Amiri Hoodie by selecting from endless color and design options. A stylish outfit can be created with this top paired with jeans for a casual outing. An icon of relaxed fashion, the hoodie remains popular today.

Amiri T-Shirt

Casual style and comfort go hand in hand with our T-shirts. Winter has made these garments more versatile. Since their humble beginnings, hoodies have become a fashion staple. No matter what kind of graphic is embellished on them, or what kind of slogan is used. Amiri T Shirt allow you to express yourself through minimalist designs. They are perfect for everyday activities due to their breathable fabric. A relaxed atmosphere is ensured. The variety of necklines caters to diverse tastes, from classic crewnecks to trendy V-necks. From lazy weekends to casual outings, T-shirts seamlessly transition. Always in style, a sweater is an essential part of your wardrobe. Our online store offers products for all ages. Comfortable and fashionable casual wear comes to life with these simple yet impactful garments.

Amiri Sweatshirts

The soft fabric of sweatshirts makes them cozy and comfortable. Ideal for cooler seasons in the interior. The athleisure style you wear with versatility effortlessly blends casual style with athleisure fashion. Warmth and a laidback aesthetic are two of the benefits of pullovers and hoodies. Amiri sweatshirts provide breathability and moisture-wicking properties during workouts beyond fashion. As a medium for personal expression and brand identification, they are often adorned with logos, graphics, and slogans. Layer if you want extra warmth or wear it casually for a day out or indoors. Amiri Sweatshirts have remained popular for a long time. The ease of use, adaptability, and seamless integration into diverse lifestyles are its most appealing features.

Amiri Tracksuit

When the weather is warm, shorts are a great choice. Both comfort and style are incorporated into this design. It is soft and light to wear a material like cotton that is breathable. It may also include cotton blends for added stretch, ensuring flexibility and ease of movement. You can choose from classic chino shorts to athletic Amiri Tracksuit suitable for sports and workouts. The length can range from above the knee to mid-thigh, so individuals can choose based on their preferences. Our Tracksuit are perfect for casual outings, exercise, or just keeping cool on a sunny day, making them an essential for summer wardrobes.

Amiri Jacket

Our jacket is a versatile outerwear piece that transcends seasons in all year. Our jackets providing both functionality and style with comfort and unique look. With a myriad of styles to choose from jackets cater to all occasions and fashion preferences. From the classic denim jacket to the sleek Amiri jacket. Each style adds a distinct flair to an outfit in winter. Jackets not only serve to shield against but also make a powerful fashion statement. They can effortlessly elevate a casual look or add a polished finish to formal attire. The adaptability of jackets ranging from lightweight options for warmer days. Perfect insulated choices for colder climates. Makes them essential in every wardrobe.

Amiri Hats

Hats versatile headgear with a rich history serve both practical and fashionable purposes. From the iconic top hat to the casual baseball cap. These accessories reflect cultural trends and personal style. Throughout history hats have symbolized status occupation and societal roles. In the modern era, the Amiri Hats evolved into fashion statements, allowing individuals to express their personality and creativity. Whether shielding from the sun braving winter chill or completing a stylish ensemble hats have enduring appeal. With countless styles, materials, and designs hats continue to be a dynamic and enduring accessory. It transcending time and trends in the realm of headwear fashion.